Stefano and Chiara

Stefano and Chiara live in Milan but have chosen to consecrate their love in the beautiful Biella area, among splendid mountains, green and unspoiled places and romantic castles. Their marriage could be called an itinerant marriage.

The preparations and the solemn ceremony took place in a very important place for the spouses: the Sacro Monte di Oropa, a place of worship known internationally and framed by beautiful mountains. The newlyweds then reached the ancient medieval village of Ricetto di Candelo to make the couple photo shoots. It was like an amazing journey through time! We had a lot of fun taking pictures of the couple while they were having fun dancing in the labyrinthine alleys of the village!

Finally, as in fairy tales, the beautiful day then turned into a fabulous romantic evening in a castle! Thanks Stefano and Chiara for the emotions you gave us!

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