Two beautiful spouses in the hills of Varese

A very special Monday.

The first day of the week is also the most hated. Hundreds of aphorisms sadly describe this unfortunate fame. In 1929 Giacomo Leopardi wrote a famous poem describing Saturday as the best day of the week before the feast day. Sunday is not so beautiful because everyone thinks already the next day, when the work routine starts over again. A century and a half later, in 1987, Italy’s most famous rock star wrote a song entitled “Monday”. The famous song describes in no uncertain terms the difficult relationship between the author and that day.

For Andrea and Samantha it is different. This beautiful married couple has chosen to crown their dream of love on Monday. Perhaps just to remind themselves, every day, that their love is so strong as to overcome any difficulty … including that of waking up on Monday morning to start the work week! Matrimonio

Duepuntozero wishes you much happiness!

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